Our head chef Mike Shatura masterminds our seasonal menus and a range of delectable daily specials. Each dish is a celebration of the local ingredients used to create it, with flavours elevated by the ingenuity of our talented kitchen crew. We’re obsessed with quality at every step from the farm to your table, and that shows through in the food we serve.

Group Dining

If you have more than 12 adults dining through lunch or 15 during dinner service, your group will be required to go onto one of our delicious Set Menus.

If you have less than these numbers, but would like to experience one of our Set Menus, we have a minimum guest number:

$55 Set Menu is for minimum 12 people

$69 Set Menu is for minimum 6 people

You’re more than welcome to bring a cake in to celebrate your special day. We charge a cake fee from $20 and will  supply you with cutlery, napkins and plates!


Our wine list has been curated to perfectly compliment our seasonal menus. We have a passion for wine that tells a story about its origins, the family that made it or the fascinating culture behind every sip—and we love sharing our discoveries with guests. Some occasions call for a different tipple, so we also pour premium cocktails, beers on tap, and great homemade sodas and pressed juices for the kids.


Every day hand-crafted pasta is produced using traditional methods ensuring the freshest pasta experience. We pride ourselves on the use of the freshest ingredients, delicious homemade ‘secret recipe’ pickles, and incredible sauerkrauts. At The Grounds our chefs carefully prepare every dish fresh to order. 


Our standard dining times are  2 hours for regular dining and 3.5 hours for our set menus.

Bookings are on a first come first serve basis. This includes booking our private dining spaces.